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Results of Class 10th and 12th classes are something which students keep with them forever. In every exam or in every job interview, companies ask for the class 10th and 12th result. However, in the last 2 years corona-virus has impacted the life of students up-to such level that CBSE was failed to even conduct the board exam in 2021. To deal with such uncertainties in future, CBSE has changed the pattern of board exams.

Earlier board exams were used to happen in the month of March-April in the offline mode and the paper pattern was subjective. Starting from 2021, CBSE has bifurcated the board exam into 2 terms.

Term 1 of the board exam will be conducted in the month of November-December 2021. The mode of exam is still kept offline but the pattern of questions will be objective and the time duration is 90 minutes.

Objective questions would include multiple choice questions, case-based MCQs and assertion-reasoning type MCQs. Term 1 will cover 50% of the total syllabus excluding deleted syllabus. Since November-December is the month of winter in most of the part of India, hence, exam will start on 11:30 am instead of regular 10:30 am.

CBSE Term 1 Datesheet - Class 10th

CBSE Term 1 Datesheet - Class 12th

OMR sheets will capture the responses of students and these sheets will be scanned and directly uploaded on the CBSE portal.

Term 2 of the board exam will be conducted in the month of April-June 2022. The mode of exam is offline and the pattern of questions will be subjective and the time durations is 120 minutes.

Term II will have short and long answer type questions. But if the Covid-19 pandemic continues then term II will be held MCQ-based papers for 90 minutes.

Click to Download CBSE Class 10thLatest Board Sample Papers.

Click to Download CBSE Class 12thLatest Board Sample Papers.

Direct link for CBSE Class 10th Latest Board Sample Papers.

Direct link for CBSE Class 12th Latest Board Sample Papers.

As per the CBSE, the exam pattern has been changed to make it more “student-centric, transparent, technology-driven, and advance provision of alternatives for different future scenarios.

The CBSE is expected to direct the schools to take steps aimed at making the internal assessments and projects more credible and valid. For classes 9 to 10, there will be three periodic tests, a student enrichment portfolio, practical work, and speaking listening activities. For classes 11 and 12, there will be unit tests at end of every topic, exploratory activities, practicals, and projects.

The final results would be prepared by the CBSE on the basis of the internal assessment, practical, project work and theory marks of both the term exams.

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