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IOTA has always focused on excellence. IOTA stands committed towards the success of their students and focusses all its effort to ensure that each of their students succeed to the best of their potential. We work together with students and parents as their partners in building the student’s career. Our guidance, consistency & unshaken disciplinary efforts results in a bright future for your child.

S.M Jha

Chemistery Faculty(HOD)

Chief Educator

Dear Students,

The competition now days has reached to a whole new level. If compared from past, the level of toughness and competition has increased. This has risen a sense of fear among students who dream of becoming good engineers & doctors. Students dream and plan to get into a good college, but the fear of competition and lack of proper training holds them back.

We at IOTA believe that a holistic approach is required to prepare a students to face any challenge at exam level.Our proven study methods, Professional teachers, proper motivation, guidance at every point & involving parents in the process of student development has resulted in many success stories of students getting top ranks in competition exams.

Nothing gives me more happiness than the students, when they among the top rankers and get into good college.

I welcome you all under our Umbrella of Knowledge!

Dr.Jitendra Gupta

Faculty Of Zoology

Academic Director PMT-WING

Dear Students,

Parents provide and give everything possible to their children which will help them in their Life & Career growth. But the most important gift a parent can give to their child is Top Quality Education, an opportunity to explore genius in them.We know that how important it is for your child to achieve a good result in the respected exams. These results lay the foundation of your child in the respected fields.

Thus it is very important for your child to be in the right hands during his initial days of struggle. A right Mentor will lead him towards the path of success.

For students preparing for IIT & PMT, IOTA Career Academy provides the most ideal coaching platform built on the Knowledge, teaching passion and year of experience of our respected faculties. Our dedicated team of IITIANS, Doctors and most experienced faculties are passionately driven and focused on our student development.

Our celebration will always be in our student’s success!

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